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Father’s Day Portraits…

PHOTOGENIC Father's Day 2015

Our parents always seem to be the same age, don’t they?

It’s only when we look back through our photos that we see our parents as the young things they were when we ourselves were children. More often now we look back in virtual, digital formats on ‘devices’ but some of us will still have prints to look at, to laugh at  and to cherish.

Parents love portraits of their children – no contest. But what about portraits for the children? Pictures of parents and children together often get left out of sessions here – parents can be reluctant to be in photographs, for all sorts of reasons. Thankfully, children love pictures of their parents and in our experience, adult children love looking back at their childhood photographs with their parents in them.

That’s the simple reason why we think our Father’s Day and Mother’s Day portraits are so special.

You can avail of our Father’s Day Gift at this link until June 21st 2015.

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What’s the best camera? It’s a simple answer, really…

As you can imagine because we are photographers, we are asked about “…what’s the best camera…” all the time. Of course, there are many answers to that question because you have to factor in the budget and level of technical functions required and, and…. that’s usually when you get brain freeze!

Chicago/ Marsha

Marsha in “Chicago – The Musical”

So, maybe this anecdote will help with the answer to this question. Recently, our daughter was in her school musical and of course lots of people took photos of the event itself and backstage. It was one of those times when the camera phone just wasn’t enough either for the parents or the students to capture the magic on the stage and the camaraderie that built up backstage.

But what do you do when your ‘good camera’ has no power or, worse still, no space left on your card just as you are ready to use it? It’s hugely frustrating and then photographs that you really want of a very special event end up being snapped on a phone. And that really won’t cut the mustard for life’s big occasions like weddings, communions or school plays & musicals – trust me on this one.

So, you know that way you have a ‘process’ around your mobile phone? You always know where the charger is, you back it up regularly, and if you’re like me, you charge it up in the same place every night. We create processes around the things that are important to us at home or at work.

It helps to take the time to create a process around your camera too. Download, file and date your images soon after they’ve been taken (and back them up if they are very important). It’s worth learning how to do this properly, and it really is easy to do. It helps to quickly check that the images have all been saved properly and, if they have, then you can safely clear or format*  the card in your camera so it’s empty for the next time. Take out the battery & place it in the charger somewhere that won’t be a nuisance (like, not in your kettle plug).

Then, the next time you grab your camera as you walk out the door,  it will be fully charged with a clean card and ready to go.

By the way the very best camera is the one you have with you – fully charged with a clean card and ready to go. And I know that you knew that.

*Format is the technical term for clearing your card and making it ready to accept files in a camera. You can find out all about your own camera on the manufacturer’s website and on numerous photography websites.


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The only “bad” photographs are the ones we never take…or keep.

One of the projects most children do in school at some stage is “The Story of Me”. We had just such a project in our house recently and so the hunt for the photos to illustrate the story involved many boxes & albums of photos along with discs and hard-drives (there has been a huge change in photo technology during the 16 year span of the young life in question).


Today, a photograph of most newborns will be on social media within 57 minutes of birth. This image, taken within an hour of birth (on film), has taken 16+ years to hit the internet…

As we trawled through the past 16  years, the whole family had a really lovely trip down memory lane. We stumbled upon long forgotten photographs – maybe they didn’t pass our “high standards” at the time and so they never made it to our hall of fame.

But being photographers, we find it really hard to tear up or delete photographs permanently. And now, we are so glad we have all those images because, as it turns out, even “bad” photographs are good, when viewed back through the lens of 16 years.

Can it be that there really are no such things as “bad” photographs? Once the moment has passed, all we have are our photographs and our videos which take us back to those baby + toddler days…back to “nappy valley” or back to whatever part of life we chose to record with a photograph.

Looking back at these photographs I’m sharing today, I’m sure like many parents we thought the days of bottles, nappies, soothers and packing  a bag just to walk out the door would never end. The days of early rising and nights interrupted by feeds and teething – the universal experience that we all share – tapped all our energy.

Phoebe's Story 35

Phoebe getting her first shoes while her sisters supervise & approve the style choice. The shoes are now framed, as are her sister’s, and hanging on our kitchen wall.

Phoebe's Story 34


But then there were also the funny days and all the “firsts” of our three children – and luckily we do seem to have snapped most of them too. My favourite photos are the ones that just remind us of the everyday things, like Phoebe’s obsession with our Christmas tree decorations and how she licked the sparkles right off a big green one (we still have the much licked and much loved bauble).

I remember  looking in the back of the car at our line-up – eldest in the middle, babies at the sides. Now that the car, those child car-seats and the complaints “I’m squashed” are gone, it’s nice to have just one photo – not a high art piece – to take us back to those outings.

Eldest crammed in the middle, babies at the sides...

Eldest crammed in the middle, babies at the sides…

So if you do stop for a moment to snap an image of your kids or family, then I can highly recommend saving it somewhere, anywhere. Print it, date it and pop it in a box and keep it there until you get around to sticking it in The Album – you know  The Album that we all have, still in the box, ready to be filled with our precious photos? Or save the file somewhere other than in a mobile device or on the camera card – I won’t even begin to go into the choices that are out there to help you keep you digital images safe, but you can call me at the studio – 01 284 5544 – any time if you need advice.

On her first holiday...

On her first holiday…

The buggy that transported our girls and was in our lives for 6 years.

The buggy that transported our girls and was in our lives for 6 years.

Rae, Marsha & Phoebe, with our first au pair Milena,  in the kitchen.

Rae, Marsha & Phoebe, with our first au pair Milena, in the kitchen.

I’m so glad to have all of these images now, not just because we love photographs anyway, but because they give us so much pleasure and help us to remember days & events that we might have forgotten.



We have had so many laughs looking back and recounting stories to the girls, as it is only now that the children themselves really appreciate the value of the images. They were too young to remember most of the events depicted in the photographs.

Spotting tadpoles in Butterstream Gardens - one of the many places we garden-mad parents went to on our family outings.

Spotting tadpoles in Butterstream Gardens – one of the many places we garden-mad parents went to with the children on our family outings.

I’m asked a lot about taking photographs and taking better family snaps. Really, like most things in life the more you do something the better you get at it. So keep taking photos and keep them safe. Because in my humble opinion, there are no bad photographs – time has a way of turning every photograph into a treasure.

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