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Father’s Day Portraits…

PHOTOGENIC Father's Day 2015

Our parents always seem to be the same age, don’t they?

It’s only when we look back through our photos that we see our parents as the young things they were when we ourselves were children. More often now we look back in virtual, digital formats on ‘devices’ but some of us will still have prints to look at, to laugh at  and to cherish.

Parents love portraits of their children – no contest. But what about portraits for the children? Pictures of parents and children together often get left out of sessions here – parents can be reluctant to be in photographs, for all sorts of reasons. Thankfully, children love pictures of their parents and in our experience, adult children love looking back at their childhood photographs with their parents in them.

That’s the simple reason why we think our Father’s Day and Mother’s Day portraits are so special.

You can avail of our Father’s Day Gift at this link until June 21st 2015.

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What kids get up to….

We had a small celebration for the Junior cert results this week. People thought we needed our heads examined – 20+ excited 16 year olds = disaster.

Well no, it wasn’t a disaster. What it was was exactly what we hoped it would be – a party of kids having a good time. Noisy? Yes. Messy? A little. Disaster? Definitely not.

I think 16 year olds get a bit of bad press. Maybe all our teens get bad press. They’re actually all quite sweet. From now on it’s definitely the benefit of the doubt in this house.

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