It’s just what I always wanted…

A very useful Crystal Bootie...

A very useful Crystal Bootie…

All of my family are together this Christmas for the first time in a long time. We’ve decided to add to the fun and reduce the gift buying frenzy for the adults by trying something called ‘bad santa”. It’s called “bad santa” because no-one gets a particular gift bought for them like Kris Kindle – so technically you could end up with a ‘bad gift’. But really that’s not quite accurate – all the adults are going to buy one gift – any gift – male/female; useful/useless – whatever you fancy, for about €25 minimum. And once the first gift is opened, any other person can claim that gift rather than pick from the pile –  so you could get the gift you’ve bought if you’re lucky (and if you draw the long straw and get to choose last).  If you’ve bought something wonderfully thoughtful  – all the better. I mean, haven’t we all at some time wished we could have gotten the present which was just opened by someone else? Or aren’t ‘bad’ gifts really quite good gifts – just going to the wrong person?

It got me thinking about the gifts I’ve given and received over the years. I am sure we’ve all had that feeling of seeing our lovely, thoughtfully selected gift opened and greeted with a less than enthusiastic reaction. And there have been times I’ve opened a gift and truly remarked “Oh, you shouldn’t have…” and really, they shouldn’t have thought I would, in a million years, use whatever the gift was.

I just have to share my worst ever gift with you and hopefully I can find a home for it after 17 years languishing in a cupboard. For the birth of my second daughter,  I got this Waterford Crystal paper weight/ornament in the shape of a baby’s bootie. Even now, after the demise of Waterford has given the item collector’s status and as my daughter nears her 18th next summer, I still can’t see its’ merit and neither can she. But I know that somewhere out there, someone would just love to have this Waterford Crystal paper-weight-baby’s-bootie and so I am on a quest to find someone who will love it dearly and give it a good home.

Gift giving is hugely important to all of us, let’s not pretend it doesn’t matter  – and in the next seven days we’ll all invest a lot of time, care, consideration and moolah in “the perfect gift”. And in some sense, every gift is the perfect gift – we just have be giving it to the right person!

So Happy Christmas – enjoy your family & friends and don’t fret too much about the gifts – it’s having great laughs and making precious memories that really matter for all ages.

{Oh, and if you want to claim my Crystal Bootie- just post a comment to this thread and state your case – the best one will get to give it a new home.}

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  1. ‘don’t blame it on the bootie’ i think it would make a great addition to my doorstop collection:)

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