Why do you…..?

Why do we do the things we do? Photography portrait businesses like ours are relatively uncommon in Ireland – or anywhere – these days. You don’t see a studio on that many high streets anymore – certainly there isn’t one in every town or even every city.

Coming to a portrait studio is not something that you’ll do every week or even every year – and some people never commission a professional portrait at all.

Knowing this, we sometimes reach out to the public and encourage them to participate in one of our events – like our current Grandparents Celebration – to give people the opportunity to avail of a particular portrait experience with no financial commitment. In some ways, it’s like any kind of sampling – just like trying out the taste of a new food in a supermarket before you decide that you like it and you may – or may not – go on to buy it and become a loyal customer.

So, to answer the question of why we offer our time, talent, facilities and a gift portrait during our Grandparents Celebration in particular – it’s because we know that portraits between the generations are some of the most fun and most rewarding sessions we ever do. And the portrait becomes so important to the families and the grandchildren – it’s quite remarkable. But generations portraits are not easy to organise for the families so it requires a committed group of people to arrange the session.Working with large families & groups requires quite a big studio and a good eye for arranging a pleasing composition – which are two things we have in spades.

Of course, we hope that having produced a beautiful portrait that the family will go on to become or remain loyal clients – and many do. Some don’t. Such is the natural ebb and flow of business.

Personally, I never met either of my grandmothers. One predeceased my arrival on the planet and I have one distant snapshot of me as a 6 week old bundle on the knees of my paternal grandparents in Longford. By the time I turned two in New York, they were both gone. Now I envy my own daughters’ relationship with my mother, their only surviving grandparent. This year’s gift to her {and to me}  will be a portrait with her 7 granddaughters, something she doesn’t have.  Oh, the cobblers children will soon have shoes…

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